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"ARCEM Heavy" HEMA Jacket V1 - 800N

  • 250 char. max

  • 250 char. max

  • 250 char. max


Prix €316.67

A new addition to the range that started with our well known ARCEM Classic Jacket.

The ARCEM Heavy 800N HEAM Jacket includes the following features :

  • The unique and now iconic ARCEM over-bib collar with all around blade catchers.

  • CE and 800N ratings throughout

  • Removable foam padding for heavy protection from blows:

    • Torso : individual pads in each overlap; use double, single or no chest padding as desired.
    • Front Side rib / outer clavicle & shoulder padding
    • Back Side rib padding
    • Upper arm padding
  • Underarm gussets for excellent mobility in high arm positions without raising the jacket

  • "Puffy" upper sleeve design, for mobility, added blow dampening and style (matches our ARCEM pluderhose "puffy pants")

  • Lower back waist cinch adjustment for a fine tuned fit

  • New inner lining for better moisture wicking and breathability : a softer feel over bare skin and a cooler fencing experience

  • Double closure 2 zipper front:

    • 2 Highest quality industry standard YKK heavy zippers
    • Inner zipper holds the inside torso flap in place
    • Outer zipper closes the jacket
    • Full length Velcro closure to protect the outer zipper
  • 3d mesh advanced padding material:

    • Reduced bulk, while maintaining impact protection
    • Increased breathability
    • Synthetic anti-allergen wadding
    • Machine washable (if your selection includes any white, protect the jacket from dye-bleed with appropriate washing products the first few washes)

Retained features from the ARCEM Classic jacket:

The ARCEM range of jackets focuses on two things - maximum mobility and maximum throat and neck protection.

The mobility is achieved through precise contoured stitching of the shoulders and back, allowing the padded jacket to move freely with the wearer. This solution - while inspired by examples of fit and assembly found in XIVth century pourpoints - is still unique in contemporary HEMA clothing.

Our most unique contribution (now copied but never matched) is the collar, which is designed to close over the mask bib.

We had three criteria in designing the collar : 

that it offer maximum protection of the neck and lower face in both thrust and cut,

that it be easy and fast to open and close with gloved hands for sparing and tournament “breathers”,

that it unify the mask and jacket into a single protective unit without hindering combat movement (once broken in).

Because it is worn outside the mask gives double protection from thrusts to the front - collar plus mask bib.

More uniquely, and not present on competing over-bib collars, it provides protection of the neck, all around, from strikes.

The collar has three blade catchers (front and both sides) that extend to behind the ears. It is designed so that the blade passage inside the jacket at the neck must strike the mask or be moving away from the body.

The collar can be opened to let off heat and raise the mask. With just a little practise, it is a simple matter to re-close the collar, even with heavy combat gloves.


Our standard sizes are XS (00), S (0), M (1), L (2) and XL (3)

We can produce each size as a “Long” version, which adds length of the jacket torso and/or the sleeves

Like the ARCEM Classic, the Heavy jacket can be made in custom sizes


We are working on a new website that will make colour and option selection easier.  In the meantime, please use the following to select them :

Select the main body colour from the list just next to your size selection

Chose the colours of your upper arm slits and let us know in the first feedback field above.  For example you can simply specify : "Red".  But you can also get creative ! "Right arm red, left arm green"... or even "Alternating red, white and blue"

Chose the colour of your stitching thread. Sorry, you can only choose one and at this time we do not offer all the colours of our fabric options.

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