The Black Armory SAS was created in 2015 by Thomas LOBO, instructor, coach and international competitor in historic combat (HEMA) and Anthony RISCHARD, entrepreneur, blacksmith and independent researcher in historical weapons. Thomas decided to take a step back from HEMA and left the company in late 2019 to pursue a career in real estate

Resellers of some of the best brands of equipment for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and Historical Combat, Black Armory is designs and manufactures products recognised worldwide in this field and distributed under its brands ARCEM, DOHEMA and WARRIOR BOX. The company is also the exclusive global or European distributor for several promising young brands (Destroyer Modz from the USA, Allen Karlsson from Germany, Oscar Genoves from Spain, AUDEO from Ukraine).

Today, Black Armory is known on the global HEMA market not only for its complete catalog and its innovations in equipment, but for its support for the development of HEMAs and Historical Combat in France and abroad - partner official of the FFAMHE (French Federation of HEMA), sponsor of major international events.