By Order Only - 4 months (Approx)

Rapière "Pallavicini" - Épee AMHE - Bellatore

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By Order Only - 4 months (Approx)

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The "Pallavicini" Rapier is designed to be a standard practice model. Its dimensions have been taken from the book " La scherma illustrata " written by Giuseppe Morsicato Pallavicini in 1670, representative of the Sicilian school. Its design allows the use of a longer sword without sacrificing the control of the opposing blade, thanks to its forward point of balance.

In this model we offer to adapt the length of the grip to the fencer’s hand in order to achieve the best result when handling the sword. The blades are flexible for safe thrusts but without swaying or yielding when the opposing sword is controlled.

To measure correctly, follow the instructions to the letter, do not adjust thinking that the measurements are too small or too large. Trust the measure!

Take the measurement as indicated in the image below. Subtract two and a half centimetres (more or less) to distribute the size of your hand over the entire grip and so the pommel will rest on your wrist. This is the measure that to select on the order page and the grip measure. If you are experienced and your way of wielding the sword is different, no problem, just enter the size you prefer.


950 - 1050 g
Total Length
118 cm (approx)
Blade Length
108 cm
Point of Balance (CoG)
13 cm (approx)
Guard Length
28 cm
Grip Length

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