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"Club" Rapier - HEMA Sword - Bellatore


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An excellent entry level or school version of the Bellatore rapier.

A high quality and beautiful sword for beginner to intermediate level fencers or for your club.

The rapier is currently available in short (6 cm) or long (8 cm) grip.  See the "Specifications" tab above for more details.

The blades are flexible for safe thrusts without swaying or yielding when the cut is applied.

To measure correctly, follow the instructions to the letter, do not adjust thinking that the measurements are too small or too large. Trust the measure!

Take the measurement as indicated in the image below. Subtract two and a half centimetres (more or less) to distribute the size of your hand over the entire grip and so the pommel will rest on your wrist. This is the measure that to select on the order page and the grip measure. If you are experienced and your way of wielding the sword is different, no problem, just enter the size you prefer.

1060 g (37-1/2 oz)
Total Length
116 or 118 cm (45-5/8" or 46-1/2")
Blade Length
104 cm (41")
Point of Balance (CoG)
12 cm (4-3/4")
Guard Length
27,5 cm (10-3/4")
Grip Length
6 cm (short = 2-3/8") or 8 cm (long = 3-1/8")

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