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Lance Coronel or Butt - Synthetic - ARCEM


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This model is inspired by the lance heads used in jousting during the Middle Ages and Renaissance; the polymer used here is particularly dense, in order to prevent the lance shaft from passing through the enemy's shield at the moment of impact. Ideal for the joust, opposing two knights seeking to break their lances on each other’s shield.

It can also be used as a heel for our N°2 Poleaxe.

The word "coronel" comes from the word "crown", because the head of the lance is decorated with a 4 pointed crown.

We recommend a round lance with a tip section of about 3.6 cm and a length greater than 300 cm. Ideally balsa for the lance meant break easily, otherwise, ash.


This range of simulators was developed for HEMA and is distributed exclusively by Black Armoury.

The synthetic material allows for safe use of the item while offering many customisation possibilities (painting, dressing, etc.), making these products excellent for other uses: reenactment, theatre, cinema, or cosplay.    

(Haft sold separately)

160 g
Total Length
12 cm
Blade Width
5 cm
Shaft Dimensions
3.6 cm

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