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The Art of Sword Fighting in Earnest

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The Art of Sword Fighting in Earnest: Philippo Vadi's De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi (Livre en Anglais)

This edition of The Art of Sword Fighting in Earnest includes a detailed introduction, setting Vadi and his combat style in their historical context, a complete translation of the manuscript, and a detailed commentary from the perspective of the practising martial artist. 

Please note :

  • The paperback edition is in black and white and does not include a facsimile of the manuscript, which can be found here.
  • The hardcore edition includes a complete full-colour facsimile of the manuscript, and the same translation and detailed commentary as the paperback.

From the late fifteenth century comes a detailed manuscript on knightly combat, written by Philippo Vadi. Dedicated to one of the most famous Italian condottiere of the age, Guidobaldo, Duke of Urbino, this book covers the theory of combat with the longsword, as well as dozens of illustrated techniques of the sword, the spear, the pollax, and the dagger.

This volume is the second edition of Dr. Windsor’s earlier work, Veni Vadi Vici, updating the translation and the introduction. This is essential reading for any practitioner of knightly combat, academic historian, or enthusiast for the quattrocento period of Italian history.

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