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Light Gear Bag - DOHEMA


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This is our DOHEMA backpack for HEMA.

140 cm (55") long, 1,4 kg (3 1/3 lbs) empty

It can contain mask, jacket, gloves and training weapon.
It has the great interest to be able to open with a small pocket on the top; The weapon of your choice can therefore exceed from the bag without damaging it.

The rings fixed along the bag allow to fold it and shorten it if necessary.

There are two side pockets that can hold your pair of shoes or your HEMA sources.


DOHEMA was created by Black Armoury to provide you with a full range of Historical Martial Arts and combat sports gear at affordable prices, without sacrificing safety or quality. The brand currently covers protective gear, bags and accessories.

Most DOHEMA products are upgraded to our specifications based on existing products already produced by our carefully selected production partners. This approach allows DOHEMA products to benefit from both our direct expertise in combat centered activities, and a less expensive, faster development cycle.

The result for you is a reliable, high-quality and perfectly adapted product at an affordable price.

DOHEMA – Live the Fight

DOHEMA – It’s YOUR Fight

DOHEMA – Rethinking Combat

1,4 kg (3 1/3 lbs)
140 cm (55")
40 cm (15 3/4")
22 cm (8 2/3")

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