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Book of Lessons - Pedro de Hederia


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Dating to the early seventeenth century, the Livre Des Leçons (or Book of Lessons) is a compilation of fencing instructions, attributed to the soldier Pedro De Heredia, who served in the Spanish Netherlands.

This translation includes the complete lessons for single sword, sword and dagger, and sword and cape, along with 71 colour images from the manuscript held at the Swedish Royal Library.

This book is an invaluable addition to any collection or library. For the historian, martial artist, or fencer, it provides detailed lessons in historical swordplay through a large body of interlocking exercises, considering a range of situations and opponents. For re-enactors or those with a passion for period costume, the 71 hand drawn and coloured pictures exhibit a wealth and variety of fashion from the late Renaissance. The Book of Lessons is a vibrant insight into the martial arts of the time and deserves a place on any bookshelf.

Rob Runacres is a historical researcher and fencer, specialising in French fencing and martial texts from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. He has practised martial arts for most of his life and is the founder of the Renaissance Sword Club.

Book Details:
– Translator: Rob Runacres
– Editor: Keith Farrell
– Illustrator: Enrica Eren Angiolini
– Publisher: Fallen Rook Publishing
– Date of Publication: 24th November 2017
– ISBN: 978-0-9934216-5-5
– Binding: Case laminate hardback
– Pages: 237
– Height: 27.3 cm
– Width: 21.0 cm
– Language: English

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