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Lucerne Hammer- Poleaxe - Synthetic - ARCEM


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Inspired by a French model dating back to 1450.

Designed to be mounted on a long square or octagonal haft as a two-handed poleaxe (130 to 160 cm depending on the source).

Can also be set on a shorter haft about 70 cm, this one-handed war hammer (though this model is a bit larger than historical models).


This range of simulators was developed for HEMA by Black Armoury and is manufactured exclusively for us.

The synthetic material allows for safe use of the item while offering many customisation possibilities (painting, dressing, etc.), making these products excellent for other uses: reenactment, theatre, cinema, or cosplay.    

(Haft sold separately)

250 g
Total Length
38 cm
Total Width
18.5 cm
Shaft Dimensions
3 x 3 cm
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