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Clamshell Fight Gloves - ARCEM


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The Clamshell Fight Gloves by ARCEM were designed specifically for HEMA.  While similar to some gloves already on the market, the ARCEM Clamshell offers some unique advantages :

  • An overlap pattern designed for additional protection on the thumb plates for additional protection
  • Integrated thumb tip protection
  • More substantial side protection on the outer fingers (thumb, index finger and little finger)
  • Articulated wrist protection for greater mobility in flexion and extension
  • A secure and simple wrist strap system without a metal buckle, for easy tightening and safety
  • Available in all standard sizes, from XS to XL
  • With their full plate design, they are a perfect compliment for the ARCEM MK1 Synthetic Armour

These gloves have been developed for protection against steel, wood and synthetic combat arms, including polearms, in the Historical Martial Arts.

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