Black Armoury - Oakeshott Type XIV Sword N°3
  • Black Armoury - Oakeshott Type XIV Sword N°3
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Type XIV Standard - HEMA Sword - Black Armoury


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Black Armoury in collaboration with Viktor Berbekucz

This forged steel training sword was designed by Anthony Rischard for Black Armoury.

Designed for swords and buckler or sword and shield.

Steel : 1.8159 (51CrV4)


These swords are forged and assembled traditionally in a workshop, some small variations in weight, dimensions and colour are to be expected.
(hand-made product - exact match to photos and measurements are not guaranteed)

1.8159 (51CrV4) Steel
1,3 kg
Flex Category
Red "Stiff"
Total Length
895 mm
Blade Length
735 mm
Point of Balance (CoG)
110 mm
Blade Node (CoP)
500 mm devant la garde
Blade Width @ Guard
56 mm
Blade Width @ CoP
30 mm
Blade Width @ Tip
18 mm
Guard Length
158 mm
Grip Length
105 mm
Pommel Type

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