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Type XVa Longsword (1419) - HEMA Sword - Bellatore

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After several months of hard work Bellatore has announced their new longsword.

Federico Malagutti and Keith Farrell provided design advice and testing, with the goal of making the sword suitable for Liechtenauer and for Fiore students.

Bellatore offers two versions, one closer to the original (with a shorter grip) and one with a larger grip, more confortable for HEMA gloves.

1480-1500g (short grip) - 1550-1590g (long grip)
Total Length
119 cm (short grip) - 126,5 cm (long grip)
Blade Length
97 cm
Point of Balance (CoG)
9,5 cm (short grip) - 6 à 7 cm (long grip)
Blade Width @ Guard
55 mm
Guard Length
26 cm
Grip Length
16 cm (short) - 23 cm (long)

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