"Roughneck" Gorget - Destroyer Modz @ Black Armoury
  • "Roughneck" Gorget - Destroyer Modz @ Black Armoury
  • "Roughneck" gorget by Destroyer Modz
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"Roughneck" Gorget


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This gorget by Destroyer Modz, is designed for those who want a slim, streamlined neck protector.

Intended to be used under a jacket collar - should not be used alone.

  • One size
  • Maximum mobility and comfort
  • Tournament coverage
  • Hard throat protection
  • Built in rigid blade “catch
  • Plastic can be heated and formed by you to make a more custom fit.

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Pierre M
Minimaliste mais efficace.:

Léger, confortable et compact. <br /> Pas de sensation d'étranglement, pas d'effet sauna.<br /> Aucune gêne pour bouger la tête, mais trachée bien protégée.<br />

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