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Meyer Training Cards - Lock Down Edition


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This is a game for anyone who is training Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). It contains solodrills that can be used for warmup or trraining with any kind of sword but also with poleaxes and staff. The notation of cuts and thrusts is inspired by notes left by the famous 16th century fencing master Joachim Meyer in his Lundt manuscript (MS A.4°.2).

Just follow the numbers with cuts to the openings, where the position of the number is the starting point. A circle below a number means that you should thrust. The choice of using your right or left hand, your long edge or short edge or the flat, starting and end posture, using steps or being static is totally up to you.

The different colors are levels of difficulty, ranging from 4 actions to 6 actions.

A deck has 83 cards (82 drills and 1 guide). The cards are made of plastic, to help them stay put and not be affected by wind and weather when training outside. (Size of card 120mmx70mm)

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