Destroyer Modz

Destroyer Modz (DMZ) is small company dedicated to making gear "for Fighters by Fighters".

This means nothing hits the market that has not been designed by Fighters, requested by Fighters worn by Fighters, tested by Fighters, and approved by Fighters!  We do this through Innovation and hard work. And by keeping a finger on the pulse of Fighters needs.

We do this because we love HEMA, WMA, martial arts in general and its practitioners. Because we are those practitioners!

Some companies are throwing out some black "fencing" gear and calling it "HEMA". Or whipping up some crap without once picking the brain of a Fighter. A Fighter that knows their own needs!

That’s not how we do it here at DMZ, and we know that’s not how they do it at Black Armoury - which is why we work with them, and why you are finding our gear on their catalogue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.