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Rondel Dagger - Synthetic - Faceless Fencer


On pre-order (2 weeks)

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A synthetic rondel dagger trainer designed by Faceless Fencer to be representative of historical weapons, whilst being safer to use.

The haft is designed for excellent balance, and the rubber blades are replaceable.

Delivered with a preinstalled 31 cm rubber blade, suited to technique drills and low intensity sparring, and a longer, more flexible 36 cm which can be installed for high intensity sparring and added safety during wrestling techniques.


​In order to keep your rubber blade in tip top condition we recommend every few months rubbing it with a cloth and some soapy water before applying a small amount of vegetable oil to the surface. This should help keep the blade supple and prevent degradation. Do not submerge the whole trainer in water and avoid getting water on the bolts as this may promote corrosion. Please note that some blade degeneration is to be expected with use.

It is not advised to use these trainers against metal swords, shields or armour as this will shorten the life of the blade.

That said, replacement blades are available, so if using these trainers against steel is beneficial to your training, by all means do so!

358 & 386 g (12 1/2 & 13 1/2 oz.)
Total Length
460 mm & 510 mm (18" & 20")

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