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Glaive - Synthetic - ARCEM


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This model is inspired by the breccia knives or glaives found in France and dating from the XV century. These terribly effective weapons were probably inspired by the tools of the peasantry.

Composed of a secure tip (diameter greater than a 2 € coin), a flexible blade for the thrust, a long edge and a short false edge for the cut. The socket is reinforced with two lateral rods, ensuring realism and support.

We recommend a round haft of about 3.6 cm diameter with a length of 120 to 180 cm, depending on your individual practise.


"Developed and manufactured in Russia E-C-G"

This range of simulators was developed for HEMA and is distributed exclusively by Black Armoury.

The synthetic material allows for safe use of the item while offering many customisation possibilities (painting, dressing, etc.), making these products excellent for other uses: reenactment, theatre, cinema, or cosplay.    

(Haft sold separately)

280 g
Total Length
55 cm
Blade Width
6 cm
Shaft Dimensions
3.6 cm Round
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