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Spetum MK1 - ARCEM by AUDEO


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This spetum, corsesque or ranseur is based on an example from early 16th century Italy. Similar models were used throughout Europe.

With its 68 cm total length and 48 cm blade, and to maintain the rigidity necessary for the proper application of techniques, we have opted for a new material that is more rigid than our other polearm simulators. This gives the synthetic simulator dynamic characteristics very close to steel.

Please note that the points on this simulator are intentionally NOT thickened. If you intend to use them in harness with a risk of passing through the visor, we recommend that you blunt the tips as you would on your steel simulators. A specific blunt is under development.

We recommend that you mount this simulator on a 3 cm octagonal shaft, and to add a blunt thrusting tip to the heel - both also sold on our site.A round shaft is also possible. Please note that some shaping of the haft, over la length of 23 cm, will be required to get the proper taper for mounting.


Designed by Anthony Rischard and produced exclusively for ARCEM by AUDEO in Ukraine.

(Haft sold separately)

330 g
Total Length
68 cm
Blade Width
48 cm
Shaft Dimensions
3 cm round or octagonal

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