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Meyer 1570 Model "B" Dussack - ARCEM


On preorder - approximately 3 weeks

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Our ARCEM 1570 Dussack is an excellent training and sparring tool, designed in Germany by Allen Karlsson.

The glued and saddle-stitched heavy leather blade is supported by a high resistance synthetic spine. The designs are based on Joachim Meyer's 1570 Gründtliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens treatise.

This unique construction provides a dussack that has:

  • superior edge binding, allowing for highly refined blade work;
  • very low bounce - much less than any full-synthetic on the market;
  • enough stiffness in the blade to work from the bind;
  • an all leather point to work at the thrust

We recommend that you use this dussack in pairs for ideal edge binding and a similar impact sensation on both sides, but it may well be used against other synthetic materials.

The ARCEM 1570 dussack is comprised of a long cutting edge ideal for cuts, of a false edge used for the counter-cut, and a flexible leather tip allowing it to be used in the thrust (with the appropriate protection). The hand is protected by a synthetic guard that passes in front of the fingers, and the Model "B" provides extra space for wearing heavy gloves.


The ARCEM line of simulators was developed by bLACK ARMOURY and the current designs are refined in close collaboration with some of the best HEMA practitioners and gear designers in the world. Like all ARCEM products, these weapons also have an unmatched visual elegance, combining the best of traditional and high-tech materials and construction. 

The minimalist design and materials of these simulators offer unlimited possibilities of customisation (painting, taping, dressing, etc.). These characteristics make them excellent for parallel uses: reconstitution, theatre, cinema, or even cosplay.


These trainers are hand made and assembled traditionally in a workshop, some small variations in weight, dimensions and colour are to be expected.
(hand-made product - exact match to photos and measurements are not guaranteed)

420 g
Flex Category
Yellow "Semi-Stiff"
Total Length
76 cm (80 cm along the blade)
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