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Mair Training Sickle - Aluminium - Jester


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100% Made in Germany

Although sickle is still a niche weapon in HEMA, it has been rapidly gaining on popularity. Patrick at Jester of Blades developed this training weapon for himself since there where no products out there living up to his high expectations. He now offers this high-end sickle to enthusiasts all over the world, to go through plays of the German fencing master, Paulus Hector Mair.

The sickle’s blade is CNC-machined out of high-strength aluminum also used in aircraft and therefore a lot more durable than the more common synthetic sickles. This also allows for using them as a left hand dagger replacement with other aluminium fencing gear.

Not for use against steel weapons - you would quickly damage the sickle.

The handle is made of beautiful cross cut ash wood so the grain really pops. It’s pinned with brass to give nice golden colour accents. The blade is sand blastet for a pristine matt finish wich also enhances bind feel. On the inside, the blade protrudes to add protection to your fingers and to prevent your hand from sliding.

Aircraft grade aluminium, ash wood
295 g (10-1/2 oz.)
Total Length
35 cm (17-3/4")
Blade Width
21 cm (8-1/4")

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