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Destreza cuts and reverse cuts - Sebastien Romagnan


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Verdadera Destreza or Euclidean fencing is a fighting system born in Spain in the 16th century. Reserved for a small caste of hidalgos, it allowed the Grandes, members of the Spanish high nobility, to be, for two centuries, among the best fencers in Europe. For the first time in nearly 300 years, this art of self-defense is available again. Destreza is the first fencing manual dedicated to the rapier, published in English. It will teach you all the techniques necessary to practice this weapon: the thrust, the cut, the reverse cut, the real and virtual atajos, the movement of conclusion and even the spectacular torneada. It will help you progress circle by circle until you become an expert at the rapier.

 Détails du livre :

  • Auteur : Sebastien Romagnan
  • Editeur : Black parrot
  • Date de Publication : 2019
  • ISBN : 9782954886244
  • Pages : 328
  • Dimensions : 21x29,7 cm
  • Langue : anglais

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