Italian Feder by Black Armoury
  • Italian Feder by Black Armoury
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Feder N° 4 "Italian" - HEMA Sword


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Black Armoury in collaboration with Viktor Berbekucz - for longsword training.

This federschwert is based an original 16th century museum piece. The blade geometry is much closer to that of original period pieces than that of most modern feders. This blade shape (thin and square in cross section just after the schilt, then widening to a spatulate tip) offers an excellent balance between toughness, flexibility and handling that is perfectly adapted to 16th century longsword and fever technique.

Careful : while the spatulate end is thicker and safer than the originals, the blade is on the stiffer end and this weapon is is less forgiving than some on heavy thrusting.

Lame garantie 6 mois contre la casse.

Blade 6 months warranty against breakage


These swords are forged and assembled traditionally in a workshop, some small variations in weight, dimensions and colour are to be expected.
(hand-made product - exact match to photos and measurements are not guaranteed)

1.8159 (51CrV4) Steel
1270 g
Flex Category
Red "Stiff"
Total Length
130 cm
Blade Length
96 cm
Point of Balance (CoG)
53 cm
Grip Length
Pommel Type
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