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Feder N° 3 - HEMA Sword - Medium - Black Armoury


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Black Armoury in collaboration with Viktor Berbekucz - for full contact longsword training. With a secured, folded back tip, blunted quillions and a semi-rigid blade, this Feder is specificlly designed for blade-work.

Blade with screwed pommel, allowing disassembly, adjustment, change of blade.

Blade warranty 6 months against breakage

1.8159 (51CrV4) steel

1200 g
Flex Category
Yellow "Semi-Stiff"
Total Length
131 cm
Blade Length
96 cm
Point of Balance (CoG)
6 cm
Blade Node (CoP)
60 cm
Blade Width @ Guard
4.4 / * / 7.1 /2.0 / 1.6 cm
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