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The Battle - Men's - Rashguard


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HEMA – lost martial arts, rediscovered and now loved and lived by all of us.

Who of you hasn’t imagined how the Old Masters fought or what it would be like to fight them? We read the sources, try out the techniques, and improve our fencing skills. The first time it may not work, but with every little fight, often with yourself, you get better in the long battle toward Mastery.

“BATTLE YOUR MASTERS” visualizes this feeling: a constant “battle” in each of us to build on our imaginary role models.

Rashguards are long lasting functional shirts, which are the ideal companions for sports because of their characteristics. They are lightweight and protect your skin from skin irritations caused by your gambeson or abrasions and burns when wrestling on the mat. 

  • 100% Designed in Germany
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 75% Polyester
  • 25% Elastane
  • Cold Wash 30 °, do not bleach, do not use a softener, do not sling, do not iron, dry cleaning (perchloroethylene)

Note: the seams react sensitively to velcro. Please avoid contact to prevent fraying.

More Information:
Regulation of your body temperature.

The fibers of our functional wear quickly transport perspiration away from the skin, allowing your Rashguard to dry quickly and prevent you from cooling down before, during and after fencing or workout, keeping your muscles warm.
Long-lasting, your favorite motif forever

Color and motifs are directly and completely evaporated in the fiber, making the print very insensitive to UV radiation and other external influences. So there are no fresco optics with our shirts; your favorite motive will stay with you forever.

Due to the thin fabric and durable material, the Rashguard fits your body like a second skin effortlessly, giving you maximum mobility. In addition, a rubber on the waistband prevents annoying slipping up under your gambeson.

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