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Francisca Axe Head - Synthetic - ARCEM


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This model is inspired by the feared Frankish throwing axe – the “francisca”. Its shape and its wide, rigid section make it possible to use it in hooking and in thrusting. 

Be careful, while the originals were throwing axes, this trainer is not meant to be thrown in a HEMA context.

We recommend an oval handle of 3.6 x 2.6 cm and  80-90cm long, if possible curved to stay close to the Frankish originals.


"Developed and manufactured in Russia E-C-G"

This range of simulators was developed for HEMA and is distributed exclusively by Black Armoury.

The synthetic material allows for safe use of the item while offering many customisation possibilities (painting, dressing, etc.), making these products excellent for other uses: reenactment, theatre, cinema, or cosplay.    

(Haft sold separately)

70 g
Total Length
14 cm
Blade Length
8 cm
Shaft Dimensions
3.6 x 2.6 cm Oval
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