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Cargo Pants - HOSN


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HOSN For Everyone

Cargo Hosn support survival with a double-layer stretch fabric that is ultra-comfortable, warm, wind-proof and water-repellent yet breathable.

Uniquely featuring

  • MOLLE webbing for first aid kits, knives, etc.
  • Soft, integrated knee protection
  • Shin pocket, secret pocket, mask pocket
  • and all the other features you love in Hosn Agent Trousers.


Similar to the Hosn Agent Trousers you know and love, the Hosn Cargo Trousers feature all the perks you have gotten spoilt by:

  • Ultimate Freedom of Movement
  • Iron-free
  • Padded Waistband for Impact Protection
  • Secret Pocket
  • Deep Front Pockets
  • Compartment Back Pocket
  • Zip Back Pocket

Spill it! On Your Water-Repellent Cargo Hosn

They love being outdoors and offer you :

  • a water-repellent and rain-proof finish,
  • a warmer, dual-layer fabric with ultra-soft fleece inside, which is
  • wind-proof yet breathable, thanks to membrane technology.
  • A rubber-coated zip puller that’s easily operated with gloves.

Ready For (even-more) Cargo

The namesake Cargo-pocket on the right thigh offers additional storage space:

  • Ideally placed at arm’s length. Your fingers can easily reach the bottom of the pocket.
  • Ultra-slim bellow pleat design with maximum storage space when you need it.
  • Extra pen loop on the back.
  • Flap can be stored inside the pocket, for quick access, which also reveals the
  • Velcro attachment to use your own patches or logos.

Molly loves the MOLLE


Specially made for first responders and outdoor survival experts, the standardised MOLLE webbing on the left thigh allows the attachment of individual gear, such as first-aid kits or knives.

  • Minimal friction
  • No restraint, even when driving
  • Easy access at arm’s length
  • Can also be used without additional gear to store tools, pens, knives, etc.

Ingenious Storage Concept

Built on the subtle storage system of Hosn Agent Trousers, Hosn Cargo Trousers give you even more opportunity to safely transport fragile, clean, dirty, confidential and rarely used items:

  • Spacious cargo pocket
  • Shin pocket for small or dirty items
  • Extra loop on the side belt loops to attach carbines, key chains, etc.

Integrated Knee and Hip Protection

In our mission to prevent injury and support healthy movement, we have designed Hosn Cargo Trousers with a unique knee padding system:

  • Soft knee pads are integrated into the trousers.
  • Additional knee protectors from third-parties (fits any standard-size) can be inserted into a special pocket.
  • The padded waistband that protects your hip-bone is even thicker than on Hosn Agent Trousers.


Hosn ready-to-wear sizes range from XS to XL, W26″ to W42″, EU sizes 34 to 48, corresponding to US and UK sizes 8 to 26 for ladies and 36 to 48 for men.

Hosn are also available custom tailored.  Black Armoury only carries the standard sizes, but visit HOSN.com to order you custom size !

HOSN Agent Pants Size Chart


This Measurement Guide helps you to take all measurements yourself with a regular tape measure. If you need assistance, let a local tailor help you.

For the best fit, please take all measurements on or close to the skin, not above trousers or jackets. Thank you!

Did you know?

The Seat Size, or hip size, i.e. the circumference around the widest part of the buttocks, is the traditional basis of trousers sizes in Europe.

For ladies, if your seat size is 34″ your Hosn size is probably 34.

For unisex sizes, just add +8. So a seat of 40″ would fit in a size 48 unisex Hosn. A similar principle applies for UK/US men/women sizes: One size corresponds to a step of 2 inches hip circumference.

Of course in the modern XXXS-size-craze era, this system is not in use everywhere. But we’re doing our part in making sizes serve their purpose of choosing a good, individual fit.

HOSN Waist Measure



The only measurement you need for your Hosn is the width around the top of the hip bone where the waistband of the trousers will sit snugly.

1st important note: This is not identical to the usual “waist” size above the hip. So if your size is W32 for jeans it will probably be 33″ for Hosn!

2nd important note: Please measure above your underwear, not above your trousers (as pictured for aesthetic reasons). Hosn stretch, so they should sit tightly. When in doubt, go for the smaller size. Unless you prefer to wear a belt or tuck your shirt in – and you won’t have to worry about gaining a bit of extra weight.Plus sizes aka Bauchhosn: Please measure where the waistband will actually sit, same as for regular sizes. The waistband goes under the belly and sits higher up in the back.

Anatomical reference: Full circumference along iliac crest

Result: Approx. 27″ to 45″ or 68 cm to 113 cm

HOSN Length Measure



To ensure Hosn will fit you, check if the length from above the waistband to your desired hem does not exceed 105 cm (41″) for ladies and 112 cm (44″) for unisex Hosn.

Note: Because the waistband covers the iliac crest, measure from slightly above the bone.

Anatomical reference: Distance between iliac crest and metatarsals (according to your taste)

Result: Approx. 88 cm to 112 cm

HOSN Length Inseam Measure



The inseam length is different from the outseam length.

Jeans lengths in inches (e.g. L36) are measured at the inseam from the crotch to the hem.

Hosn come at a fixed inseam length of 32″ that can be extended up to 36″.

Anatomical reference: Distance between perineum and metatarsals (according to your taste)

Result: Approx. 32″ to 36″

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