Black Type XIV Sword
  • Black Type XIV Sword
  • Black Type XIV Sword
  • Black Type XIV Sword
  • Black Type XIV Sword
  • Black Type XIV Sword
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Type XIV Heavy - HEMA Sword - Black Armoury


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Black Armoury in collaboration with Viktor Berbekucz - this blunted training sword is forged based on original Black Armoury research and plans. It is based on two well documented historical type XIV swords - the "Christensen" (Oakeshott XIV.6 - private collection) and the "Pauilhac" (Oakshott XIV.8 - Musée de l'Armée in Paris).

While very well balanced, this is a heavy sword and at 1830 grams (4 lbs) is close in weight to its historical ancestors - the Christensen weighs 2200g (4.4 lbs). The higher inertia of this trainer encourages proper use of the weapon's pivot points and the principles of continuous flowing motion implied in the manuscripts.

Designed for full contact training*, with a secured, folded back tip, and semi-rigid blade.

*This weapon is heavier than most contemporary trainers - including longswords - good weapon control and adequate impact protection are required for paired training or sparring.

  • Weight: 1830g (4 lbs)
  • Total Length: 983mm (38.7")
  • Point of Balance: 85mm (3.35") in front of the guard 
  • Forward Vibration Node (CoP): 525mm (20.7") in front of the guard / 265mm (10.4") behind the point.
  • Flexibility: Semi-Rigid
  • Blade length: 785mm (31")
  • Blade width (Guard/CoP/Point -10mm): 70/18,5/15mm
  • Blade thickness: 5/5/3/3mm
  • Grip Length: 114mm (5.5”)


These swords are forged and assembled traditionally in a workshop, some small variations in weight, dimensions and colour are to be expected.
(hand-made product - exact match to photos and measurements are not guaranteed)

1.8159 (51CrV4) Steel
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