La baïonnette : histoire d'une escrime de guerre
  • La baïonnette : histoire d'une escrime de guerre
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La baïonnette : histoire d'une escrime de guerre



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La baïonnette Histoire d'une escrime de guerre (Book in French)

It was at the beginning of the 19th century, on the Napoleonic battlefields that the tradition of French bayonet fencing was born, with the experiments of the Pinette family: the father taught ranks, the son compiled a first method, from which many subsequent treaties follow.

The original proposal introduces a century and a half of practice, both on the battlefields and in gymnasiums. A fencing with an abundant body of work, rich in lessons both on the conception of hand-to-hand combat and on its representations in society. The author studies the evolutions of martial practice and the way in which it was used by the nationalist and warmongering propaganda of the beginning of the 20th century, the manufacture of simulators and the current developments of these techniques from a global perspective.

La baïonnette Histoire d'une escrime de guerre (The Bayonet, the history of war fencing) is as much a theoretical as a practical study. The book brings together four important texts:

  • The manual by Joseph Pinette presented in its most comprehensive 1848 version
  • La Method des chasseurs d'Orléans from 1845
  • The Circular of the FrenchMinistry of War of October 28, 1911 (...)
  • Extract from the French Infantry Manoeuvre Regulations of April 20, 1914

Détails du livre :

  • Author : Julien Garry
  • Editor : L'Oeil D'or
  • Collection : Chroniques & Combats
  • Publication Date: October 6 2016
  • ISBN : 978-0-9934216-2-4
  • Pages : 231
  • Dimensions : 21x13 cm
  • Language : French

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