Delux Sabre Laser - Sonorizé - Saber Shogun



Prix €208.33

Designed with full contact sparring and competition in mind for fencing and light saber enthusiasts. The patent pending synthetic polycarbonate alloy tube can with stand incredible amount of abuse (up to 80 degrees) without breakage.

With real on/off sound and contact battle sounds. Three LED colors included.


Use the screws shown above to tighten the handle - blade assembly.


Sound Version, multiple interchangeable colors.

  • Model: 2200
  • Green/Blue/Red interchangeable colors (with button).
  • Handle Material: CNC Aluminum.
  • Blade Material: Poly Carbon Ballistic Tube.
  • Handle Length: 26,7 cm.
  • Blade Length: 91,5 cm.
  • Handle Diameter: 32,7 mm.
  • Blade Diameter: 24,7 mm.
  • Battery: 1x 18650 ion litio, 3.7v (NOT INCLUDED).
  • On/Off: Back Lit Power Button (3 sec. hold on/off).

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