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"Fechtschule Gdansk" Gambeson PRO - 350N - SPES


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The new model of Fechtschule Gdansk Gambeson PRO is based on previous, well known and valued Gambeson designed with help of Fechtschule Gdansk school of Historical Fencing. All changes introduced are aimed to increase the level of safety as well as the pleasure of wearing our protection gear.

New model is equipped with fasteners for mounting an additional protection – detachable, specially schaped, plastic pads. It lets you use the jacket as a full protection without necessity of wearing additional protectors to save the arm from hits. It also shortens the preparation time before training letting you enjoy the fight longer.

We resigned from the traditional fastening way with leather thongs. Now the jacket has zipper and Velcro tapes what help put on gambeson much faster.

Additionally the fabric in this model has been changed from standard linen to more comfortable, stronger and worn-resistant cotton. Jackets layering consists then of 1 outer layer of cotton, 1 amortisation filling, 1 layer of lining.

The set includes: jacket and plastic pads (8 pcs).

Main features:
- shape designed for high level of mobility
- zipper and Velcro fastening
- additional arm protector fasteners
- the length gives you the hips joints protection
- stronger and more resistant cotton fabric

The jacket is made of fabrics which have a 350N puncture resistance certificate.

Fechtschule Gdansk Gambeson PRO 350N V2.0 (09/2015)

• The fabrics have been certified 350N puncture resistance.
• The construction of the jacket was strengthened.
• More durable zip.

02/2013 - Zipper has been replaced by new, much stronger type.


Size S M L XL
Sleeve length 64cm 67cm 67cm 67cm
Chest girth 85-100cm 95-115cm 100-120cm 110-130cm
Waist girth 75-85cm 85-95cm 95-110cm 110-130cm
Jacket length (without collar) 60cm 64cm 65cm 70cm

Fabric used: cotton

Weight: 4kg 

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