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"Standard" Feder - HEMA Sword - Peter Regenyei


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Even in the medieval times, the need to develop a safe longsword simulator arose, which bought the historical practice sword or Feder to life. The archaic Feder resembles a longsword only crudely, but the handling characteristics are almost the same, while it is flexible, unsharpened, has no piercing tip and protects the fingers with the so-called shield. As it wasn't considered real weapon in medieval law, citizens were allowed to keep and use it.

According to Wassmanssdorf (in the end of the 19. century), the original name for this tool was Paratschwert (parade sword) and the name "feder" was given by later generations. Most of the fencers today use the word "feder".


This tool is a standard model with ideal measures and optimal balance. It can be used well against longer and shorter feders as well.

Regenyei also makes flexible training tools for other weapons.

1460 g
Flex Category
Red "Stiff"
Total Length
133 cm
Blade Length
100 cm
Point of Balance (CoG)
8 cm in front of the guard
Blade Width @ Guard
3,8 cm
Schilt Width
8,5 cm
Blade Width @ Tip
1 cm
Guard Length
25 cm
Grip Length
26 cm
Pommel Type
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