Synthetic Buckler - COLD STEEL
  • Synthetic Buckler - COLD STEEL
  • Synthetic Buckler - COLD STEEL
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Buckler - Synthetic - Cold Steel


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The Buckler is a small historically shield about the size of a large dinner plate. Cold Steel’s sturdy training replica has a thick, raised boss to protect the hand, and a rugged handle that will withstand plenty hard of use. Hugely popular with HEMA practitioners and Historical re-enactors.

The buckler weighs 980 g (2 lbs, 2,7 oz.), has a diameter of 30,5 cm (12") and the buckler plate has a thickness of 13 mm (1/2").

980 g (2 lbs, 2,7 oz.)
Total Width
30,5 cm (12")

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